• Average 10% Income
  • Monthly Payments
  • $10,000 minimum investment
  • Secured by Mortgages
  • Accredited Investors
  • No lock in periods- 30 days to 5 years
  • Login to view investment and reports
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1. Who is qualified to invest in the fund?
  The Fund is open to accredited investors. To qualify as an accredited investor one must satisfy any one of the requirements of the applicable securities legislation “Form Schedule A”.
2. When can I invest in the Fund?
  Purchases under the offering memorandum take place the first business day of the month.
3. Can I hold units in my RRSP or RRIF?
  Yes, provided you have a trustee that will work with My Capital Freedom . Most major financial institutions currently work with My Capital Freedom .
4. Will the fund pay a fixed interest rate?
  No, but the Fund must distribute all of its income to unitholders annually. It is presently the intention of the trustees to do so by estimating the annual income and making regular quarterly distributions of the fund, with periodic adjustments to correct for the actual results of the Fund.
5. Does the Fund have a target for its rate of return?
  Neither My Capital Freedom, nor the management, intends to change their underwriting or other methods of assessing potential investments for the Fund. The ’s objective is to achieve the highest returns for investors at an average compounding rate of about 10% per annum.
6. Will the interest rate fluctuate as new mortgages are added to or deleted from the Fund?
  The Fund will earn the average rate of interest of all mortgages it holds, less expenses. As the average changes, so will the Fund's rate of return. Although past performance illustrates these fluctuations have been relatively small.
7. How will interest be paid?
  Income distributions will be paid monthly on about the thirtieth day of the month.
8. How will the units be priced? Will the unit price fluctuate?
  Initially, the units are priced at $1.00 each, so for example, $100,000 of mortgages are exchanged for 100,000 units of the Fund. In the future, the management will determine the fair market value per unit on a monthly basis by dividing the net assets of the Fund by the total number of units outstanding. In any given month, this fair market value will fluctuate modestly depending on the amount of interest accrued less expenses incurred and distributions to unitholders.
9. What is the minimum number of units that an investor may purchase?
  Subject to compliance with applicable securities legislation, the minimum subscription is 5,000 units or $5,000.
10. Can I withdraw money from the Fund?
  Subject to the limitations described in the Offering Memorandum, units may be redeemed on a monthly basis for their fair market value. Redemption forms must be created by Investor Relations and signed and initialed by the investor. Redemption Forms are time stamped from date of receipt by investor relations. The management of the Fund meet on the 14th of the month to determine eligible redemptions for the following month and have the right to limit redemption to 1% of the outstanding units of the Fund.
11. What costs are charged to the Fund?
  There is an overall management fee of 1% calculated on Fund assets.
12. How will investing in the Fund affect my income taxes?
  Distributions will be taxed the same as interest income.
13. How will I know how the Fund is performing?
  The management reports to investors on a quarterly basis similar to what a public company would provide to shareholders. This report will summarize the activities of the Fund as well as provide full financial statements. There will also be an annual report which will include audited financial statements. Comprehensive and timely information is available on the website: http://www.mycapitalfreedom.com
14. Who will answer investor questions on an ongoing basis?
  Our Investor Relations Department phone 1-888-391-0385 and email address is investor@mycapitalfreedom.com
15. How does the subprime mortgage losses in the USA affect the My Capital Freedom fund mortgage portfolio?
  The US subprime mortgage problem does not impact the My Capital Freedom fund. As it has no exposure to the affected US financial institutions or US real estate or any residential real estate. Importantly, the Fund operates with very low leverage. Specifically, our investment policy permits a maximum leverage of only $10 of debt for every $30 of assets, the primary purpose of which is to provide an operating line to the company for managing the timing of cash inflows/outflows and not as a mechanism to enhance returns.

These frequently asked questions and answers are provided for explanatory purposes only. They are not intended to be a complete description of the fund. For a complete description of the Fund, Please refer to the Offering Memorandum.
My Capital Freedom reserves the right to cap the Fund at any time without notice. Indicated returns are net of management fee, which is 1.0% plus expenses, and net of mortgage administration fee of 1.0%. Please read the Fund’s Prospectus before investing. These are historical compounded returns. They do not take into account income taxes payable by any holder. Pooled funds are not guaranteed; their values change frequently and past performance may not be repeated.
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